Community Readiness and Feasibility

We collaborate with key stakeholders to determine the feasibility of incubation in your community. We then develop an incubation process suited to the conditions of your community and your goals and objectives. With this we can match your incubation program’s capabilities with your future client’s needs. Developing this process boosts the likelihood of success for your incubation program.

Lean Startup

We teach you how to teach your teams. We help you establish programs that fit with your community and culture. Creating sustainable and scalable startups leads to economic growth. This methodology works for a wide variety of businesses, industries and business models.

Incubator Startup

We provide all the basic tools and techniques for new or existing business incubators. This includes programs for member orientation, business support services, member graduation requirements, and more. Once established, your incubator can assume delivery of these services and become self-sustaining.

Incubator Health and Turnaround

We offer best practices to ensure the health of your community’s incubation program. Our assessment tool determines your program’s strengths and weaknesses. With our help, your incubator will be able to better direct resources and enable successful incubation of your clients.