Our Team

Our expert team is based at a world-renowned technology university. We have no political or cultural agenda–our single goal is to ensure our client’s success.

From left to right: Juli Golemi, Brandy Stanfield-Nagel, Ernesto Escobar, and Lynne Henkiel.

Lynne Henkiel is the Director of Innovation Ecosystems in the Startup Ecosystems group at EI2. She has been involved in developing EI²’s innovative incubation practices, aiding communities to develop their entrepreneur base through research and education.  She also has been the developer for the incubation health assessments tool and instrumental in developing the community readiness programs.  Her career at Georgia Tech has focused early on with commercializing innovations from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Stennis Space Center, and Marshall Space Flight Center.  Within her responsibilities of working with startup companies that licensed NASA technology, she worked in partnership with startup entrepreneurs to overcome many of the early pitfalls of starting a technology business. She also managed the dual-use industry partnerships for NASA Marshall involving both large and startup businesses.

Juli Golemi is a Senior Project Manager with Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²).   Ms. Golemi is one of the primary leads on multiple community readiness assessments for the Innovation Ecosystems group at EI2.  Prior to joining EI², Ms. Golemi was the director and economist of Economic Strategy Center, an economic development research and analysis firm where she managed a variety of projects including economic and fiscal analysis, benchmarking analysis, and program performance evaluations.  She also prepared socio-economic indicator reports, and target industry studies.

Brandy Stanfield-Nagel is a Program Manager and Faculty Researcher with Georgia Tech’s Innovation Ecosystems. She has been involved in university commercialization programs since 2012, working with students, faculty and staff on spinning up technology-based startups. In addition to her work with early-stage entrepreneurs, she nurtures mentor networks and faculty learning communities focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ernesto Escobar is a Program Manager with Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²). He specializes in developing and delivering programs to universities, communities and government agencies. In addition to entrepreneurship and commercialization, he helps communities with manufacturing extension and business incubation programs. Ernesto earned his JD at Emory and did undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University.

Our office is located at Tech Square.